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Bed & Mattress Construction
United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland

All Craftmatic Beds are made in modern, state-of-the-art plants using advanced manufacturing techniques. The same expensive parts and manufacturing methodology, quality control and care used to manufacture high priced adjustable hospital beds and dental chairs are used in the construction of Craftmatic beds. Component parts are carefully assembled and rigorously tested for long life and reliability.

adjustable bed mattress construction

The bed's high-strength steel frame is protected from rust and corrosion by dipping it in non-toxic lead free enamel paint. Hubbell Linear Actuators (lift motors) that elevate and lower the head and foot of Craftmatic Beds are designed to operate reliably, smoothly, quietly and virtually maintenance free for the life of the bed. Attractive industrial strength casters allow the bed to be moved easily and effortlessly for cleaning beneath the bed. Headboards, center boards, thigh boards and foot boards are made out of 5/8" thick plywood deck, 5/8" oriented strand board and/or 5/8" thick special warp resistant core particle board with high load-carrying capability.

Craftmatic Adjustable Beds are the finest in the world!

You deserve a great sleep system. That is why we take such care in designing and manufacturing our products!



In the UK and Republic of Ireland, all mattresses are hand tufted in order to prevent mattress components from shifting and interfering with one another during the hundreds of thousands of flexes Craftmatic mattresses go through during a lifetime of use.

In addition, Monaco and Model I bed mattresses utilize a pocket sprung construction technique in which individually hand nested 5-turn coil springs are each enclosed in a separate Corovin pouch, then sewn all around to isolate it from adjoining springs. To provide a durable foundation, a coir fiber insulator pad is placed over this nested spring system. Layers of high resilient flame retardant polyester padding (CMHR) are added for comfort and support.

Finally, a hard wearing damask mattress cover is attached and the mattress is hand tufted by passing tufts through the very heart of the mattress.

Our mattress construction techniques result in a superb dual-sided, reversible, dual-density mattress -- luxuriously firm on one side, orthopedically firm on the other. All mattresses, regardless of the adjustable bed model they are made for, meet Craftmatic's demanding specifications for comfort, shape retention and support.

You deserve a great sleep system. That is why we take such care in designing and manufacturing our products!

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