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Customer Testimonials
United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland

With its many health and comfort benefits, a Craftmatic Adjustable Bed is perfect for you. But don't take our word for it. Listen to what our United Kingdom & Republic of Ireland customers say!

"My Craftmatic Bed has allowed me to sleep better!"

"It has improved my quality of life and health."

"There is no price that can be put on such a bed. We would pay three to four times what we paid for the comfort and enjoyment that we have had out of the bed."

"It helps me to breathe. You can't get that relief if you're on an ordinary flat mattress!"

"When you've been hard at work all day you need something that will completely help you and relax you and the Craftmatic Bed does that."

"I wind the head up, then the feet, and I sit quite comfortably and I do a bit of knitting or I look at the tele and . . . it's so relaxing!"

"I have bronchitis, so it's been really good for me breathing-wise. It's helped my asthma as well!"



Customer Testimonials

craftmatic adustable bed - good for sleep, rest, and good health

"I would buy my Craftmatic Bed right now if I were you. Don't do what we did and wait years because you're going to get so many benefits out of having the bed. I'd recommend the Craftmatic Bed to anybody. It's an investment in good sleep, good rest, and good health, and good sex!"

"Since I bought my Craftmatic Bed, I want to tell you something, I don't regret one penny I spent on it."

"I think it's worth its weight in gold! Until you actually lie on a Craftmatic Bed and try it out, you may not realize the potential of a better night's sleep -- but there is no way I'd go back to my old bed. I wouldn't give my Craftmatic up for anything!"

"I do have a hiatus hernia and I can sleep without having that reflux you get with it."

"Its nice to lie on the bed and put the massage on and raise the bottom of the bed to rest your feet."

"You've only got to try it to see what it's like and it certainly was worth every penny!"

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