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An adjustable bed may help you get better sleep A Craftmatic Adjustable Bed may help ease low back pain A Craftmatic Adjustable Bed is an investment in your health A Craftmatic Adjustable Bed may help promote good health In order to provide you with the best possible service and accurate information, please choose one of these options and discover how a Craftmatic Adjustable Bed might help you.

Craftmatic Adjustable Bed Australia

Craftmatic Adjustable Bed Company UK (Craftmatic UK, Ltd.)Welcome to Craftmatic UK, LTD.

The Craftmatic Adjustable Bed Company began marketing adjustable beds specifically designed for bedroom use over 30 years ago. Today, over 800,000 Craftmatic Adjustable Beds are now in customer bedrooms around the world and can attest to the fact that our unique electric beds are as durable as they are attractive and supremely comfortable.

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We at Craftmatic UK hope your experience with our company is both a pleasant and rewarding one. From your very first request for information until the day a Craftmatic Electric Sleep System is placed in your bedroom, and beyond, we'll endeavor to make you a satisfied customer. Click through our web pages and discover why Craftmatic makes the very finest sleep systems modern sleep technology can offer!


Over 600,000 Craftmatic Adjustable Beds are now in customer bedrooms around the world

The Craftmatic sleep system with optional heat and massage may provide temporary relief from:

  • Symptoms of minor aches and pains due to muscular fatigue or over exertion
  • Symptoms of low back pain
  • The symptoms of water retention or swelling of the legs
  • Symptoms of poor local blood circulation
  • Symptoms of inflammation of joints and muscles
  • Symptoms of gastric reflux/night time heartburn
  • Temporary relief from the symptoms of mild rheumatism
  • Symptoms of mild arthritis
  • Simple tension
  • Muscle pain associated with stress and tension
  • Asthma
  • Neuralgia
  • Positional relief from hiatus hernia
  • Positional relief from respiratory problems
  • Positional relief from light and occasional snoring
  • Positional relief of Gastric Reflux (Nighttime Heartburn)

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