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  1. Siemens and Interpectoral are using Explorer to develop software for 3D visualization in additive manufacturing

Siemens has partnered with the Swedish company Interpectoral to develop a software called Am Explorer to visualize 3D printing and optimize the industrial 3D printer. The AM Explorer will now be further developed together with Siemens. The gas turbine business by Siemens and interpectoral have decided on a partnership. Together they want to build a Tool that, according to the information on the Interpectoral Website, should allow the 3D visualization of additive manufacturing when working with metals. The cooperation takes place in FinspĂ„ng. The aim is to improve and accelerate Additive manufacturing. The software should be named “”am Explorer.””

  1. A scientific team manages to print in 3D a heart with human tissue that “”is complete, alive and throbbing.””

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have produced a living heart that pulsates using human tissue and a 3D printer, a breakthrough that opens the way for transplants from the future, the center of studies reported. It’s the first time a heart is made with a 3D printer with a patient’s human tissue. The heart is complete, alive and throbbing and has been made with cells and biomaterials that come from the patient.

  1. How will Autodesk put 3D printing robots on construction sites?

Autodesk has developed an additive manufacturing “”toolbox”” for the construction industry, with robots and 3D printing systems gathered in a shipping container of course transportable. Autodesk has just presented its plan to bring the robots to the construction sites. The design software company says the goal is to address the skills shortage in the construction industry, but also to help the industry meet the growing demand for housing using newer manufacturing principles and practices.

  1. 3D printing, demand for metal parts explodes

The ability to print metal in 3D is likely to trigger a revolution in the metal industry. The issue is with Stratasys, 3D Systems, and HP. 3D printers capable of working with metal are becoming increasingly crucial in additive manufacturing projects, judging by recent results from Stratasys and 3D Systems. What remains to be seen is how HP’s entry into the 3D metal printing market will impact companies. However, if HP Metal Jet was presented in September, its availability should not arrive before 2021. In any case, it is safe to say that manufacturers are very interested in 3D metal printing.

  1. Glasses frames go to 3D printing

For a long time dedicated to prototyping 3D printing is affecting increasingly diverse areas. Optics is an example of a coming revolution. Between ultra-customization and customization, the frames of glasses are transformed. The frames are made with PA 12. They are tinted in different colors after the 3D printing process. Among other advantages, these frames are on average 20% lighter than conventional devices. But it is the possibility to customize the shape of the frames where the classic frames only offer 2 or 3 sizes that allow measuring the opportunity of this technology.

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